Visions – or; what happens if your husband seems to be missing one night. Story by Madeleine Böni

Be it told that I care a lot for the hotel business. I have a basic education in economy, further training in the hotel industry, and love risks that are manageable.

You also need to know about my high school sweetheart, my husband of many years and father of my two daughters. He envisions a lot of projects all the time and once in a while he can win me over for one other idea.

It was on a motorbike tour across southern Germany in 1998 when we stayed overnight in a hotel that fit our expectations of a small city hotel almost perfectly.

Even though we were traveling as a couple, I spent the night sleeping alone, missing my husband next to me. I would find him standing next to the door, staring at map for the emergency escape route, intensively studding the blueprint of the hotel. All nightlong he would try telling me about every possible reason why this particular concept would work perfectly for a hotel in Frauenfeld. I can't remember anything he tried to tell me, all I knew was that there wasn't any small business hotel in Frauenfeld. But half way asleep I didn't want to give it any other thoughts anyway.

Three weeks later I was listening to my husband Frank and my friend Stefan Ritzler talking about their already well advanced hotel project for our small town. They were already looking for an investor at this point. Wide awake and listening attentively, this time I most definitely got the concept and their idea. I could quickly realize the opportunity and got enthusiastic, too.

To actually realize the project it still took quite a little while longer though. There were some detours, but in the end the path lead us to the HOTEL DOMICIL as it stands in front of you today; a true family venture for you to enjoy.

Frank Oswald & Madeleine Böni

Frank Oswald & Madeleine Böni
Hotel Domicil Frauenfeld

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