At Hotel Domicil you’re in good hands

At the front desk

Melanie Salvagno und Madeleine Böni

Our crew at the reception always welcomes you with a friendly attitude, whether it is on the phone or in person at the DOMICIL front desk. Wanting to give you the best possible service are Melanie Salvagno and Madeleine Böni.

In management

Ariane Oswald mit Kader-Team

The HOTEL DOMICIL AG is a triple star business hotel founded in summer of 2000. Since 2011 the hotel is being managed by Ariane Oswald (eidg. dipl. Hotellère), in second generation.

Madeleine Böni, founderofthebusiness, is still in chargeofadministrationand human resources.


Karin Lorenz

Meet our charming hosts oft he EST END BAR, Karin Lorenz.

Karin has been with us since the opening of the hotel.

In the INSIDE-restaurant

Yvonne Bär

The friendly service staff of Yvonne Müller is taking care of you in the dining room and at INSIDE, our gourmet restaurant.

In the kitchen

Pierre Tischer

PIERRE TISCHER has been the chef of the DOMICIL kitchen team since 2013.

in the housekeeping

Daniela Röseler

Daniela Röseler ist managing our team of housekeepers they will care for cleanliness and hygiene all over the house. They are also in charge of your personal laundry if needed.

Hotel Domicil Frauenfeld

HOTEL DOMICIL AG   Oststrasse 51   CH - 8500 Frauenfeld   +41 (0) 52 723 53 53